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    Biogas a sustainable replacement for LPG and Natural Gas

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    Scalable and Modular Digesters

Advantages of the FOV digester

- Plug and flow digester (no settlement of sludge, natural mixing of organic waste)

- Low operations and maintenance costs

- Robust concrete support around the digester

- No rusting unlike other designs which are made of mild steel for digester tanks and for gas collection

- No moving parts used for feeding, mixing and sludge outflow as all the operations are based on natural gravity based process. Very low captive power consumption for operating the digester

- In built gas space at the top of digester which can hold up to 50% of total gas generated.

- Highest material quality (Made in Sweden)

Decentralized biogas plants in India

India has a long history in development of decentralized/small scale biogas plants. There were several biogas plants installed in India during the past 30 years. Most commonly used models are fixed dome reactors, floating drum reactors and off late there has development of few mild steel based digesters. There has not been much innovation in the design during the past several years. With the older designs usage of mild steel and concrete also adds up to cost of the digester. One of the main challenges has been the developing digesters with simplicity in operation and maintenance. Mild steel digesters have major challenges such as rusting due to H2S content in the biogas and exposure to wet weather conditions among other problems.

Most of the current designs have technical and commercial challenges such Installation time taken , cost of the digesters , Operation and maintenance , Settlement of sludge and foaming etc.

After studying operations of existing digester and challenges faced by existing digesters, FOV Biogas developed plug flow type technical fabric based reactors which are easy to install and operate cost effective, lesser installation time, portable and modular in nature.